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Ever wonder how to destroy data before recycling your computer?

Posted by Marshall @ Tech-Away of Texas on

Have you ever wondered how you can destroy the data on your old hard drive before recycling it? Are you worried about your personal information on obsolete computers? Ever thought there has to be a way to do this without physically destroying them? Well there is. Many people like to try and physically destroy the hard drive which is fine, but ultimately the best way to recycle is by reusing. With a free program called Dban you can do a DoD (Department of Defense) data wipe on your hard drive so there is no data but it can still be used. The DoD wipe is the same method the military uses on most of their hard drives, By doing this you can protect your data from getting out while allowing the hard drive to be reused which is the best way to recycle.

How often should I clean out the inside of my computer?

TXMicro recommends that you take the time to blow out your computer every 6-12 months. But why?Have you ever wondered how your ceiling fan could have possibly gathered so much nasty dust? Every time I climb the ladder to dust mine, I’m totally disgusted. Where did all this grimy dirt come from? I hate to tell [...]

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